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The International Committee for the Promotion of Investment, Valorisation, Innovation and Employment has the mission to mobilize universal solidarity by setting up synergy, a North-South and / or South-South partnership , In which all actions converge towards the well-being of Man. To this end, CIPIVIE will act on the causes linked to the fight against famine, malnutrition, misery and lack of access of vulnerable populations to the most basic survival resources; Has access to the most vulnerable populations to primary health care and essential generic medicines; School drop-out and degradation of the education system; A valorisation and innovation of the entrepreneurship of vulnerable young people; The promotion of women as actors in development; To promote international humanitarian actions.

We are also working on practical issues related to capacity building in different sectors of human development; The eradication of the structural causes of marginalization, ignorance, the crisis of human values ​​towards the poorest peoples and indigenous peoples; Community and agro-pastoral projects to promote human inclusion, not as an "aid object" but as a genuine partner to sustainable development; Projects to support reforestation and afforestation programs, with a view to promoting the emergence of the green economy in sub-Saharan Africa.