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The International Committee for the Promotion of Investment, Valorization, Innovation and Employment is, by definition, an International Non-Governmental Organization. Represented internationally by its members who are strengthening through its focal points in Pretoria, South Africa, Dimona in Israel, Chicago Illinois in the United States of America and the 11 States of the Community Economic Committee of the States of Central Africa (ECCAS), CIPIVIE considers volunteering as a "life choice" on all its humanitarian interventions. This identity trait, an indispensable example for creating a social conscience based on the value of solidarity, gratuity and sharing, is inspired by our partnership with the CARITAS of the Diocese of Owando, during the distribution by CIPIVIE of the School Kits And mosquito nets impregnated in June 2011 in the central basin region of Congo Brazzaville.

Alongside these volunteers, there are a small number of people hired, representing a link in the International Executive Bureau, which cannot be separated from the volunteers, in order to carry out the work of the Organization, while maintaining and respecting the principles And the criteria of an International Committee.