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The International Commitee for the Promotion of Investment, Valorisation, Innovation and Employment ( CIPIVIE ) has its Headquaters in the Republic of Congo, in Central Africa. In The United States, it was formed by Mr. Mabandi Adelbert on April 23, 2013. Mr. Mabandi is an American citizen, originally from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, capital city Kinshasa. The idea came after a successful trip by Mr. Mabandi in the Republic of Congo in 2009. During his stay in Brazzaville, the capital city of The Republic of Congo, Mr. Mabandi learned about CIPIVIE through a local Doctor, Dr. Nlandu Florry. Mr. Mabandi was touched by the level of extreme poverty and a lack of modern medical equipments. It was clear from his point of view for an urgent need to act.

Upon his return to the United States, he followed Legal Guidelines in: (1) Registering CIPIVIE in the state of North Carolina ( ID:1313926 ) (2) Applying for Employer Identification Number ( EIN ) through the Internal Revenue Services ( IRS ) Tax ID 46-2495611 (3) Applying for Tax Exempt Status under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 ( c ) (3). All donations are tax deductable. Mr. Mabandi used his own capital along with the support of his wife Mabandi Rahab Mafukwa, decided to help the people of Congo, in the Village of Ngo, 250 km ( About 155 miles ) from Brazzaville where Dr.Nlandu had his clinic. Mr. Mabandi stayed in Congo for the full month of August
2014; consequently, his trip proved successful. He was able to provide Medicines, Medical supplies and Clothing for the people of Ngo and finally in Brazzaville.

On November 29, 2016 Mr. Mabandi received a call from Mr. Rock Borgia Vice-President of CIPIVIE and spoke briefly with Mr. Mabandi on becoming Ambassador and General Manager of CIPIVIE in the United States. On January 07, 2017 Mr. Mabandi was officially nominated by decision N0 376/VPI/CPV in Pointe Noire, the economic capital city of Congo -Brazzaville. This nomination was approved by the United States Embassy in Brazzaville on January 16, 2017 also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic of Congo- Brazzaville.  It is Mr. Mabandi's highest desire together with CIPIVIE, to help the people of Congo and that partnership also will help other African countries . In doing so, Mr. Mabandi's strategy is to ensure that vulnerable and marginalized populations have a reliable basic education, access to primary healthcare and humanitarian pharmacies. Furthermore, agro-pastoral projects in rural areas will improve the quality of life while creating jobs for the most deprived populations. It is Mr. Mabandi's moral obligation to help others have a dignified life as human being.  

Adelbert Limbangi Mabandi
Administrator & General Manager
Office: 704-900-7241
Cell: 980-428-0624